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Round Tube Handrails, Footrails and Bar Rails In Brass and Stainless Steel
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Wagner stocks a complete line of brass and stainless steel components for the quick assembly of handrails, bar railings and foot railings.

Railings and handrails may be mechanically assembled using simple tools, set screws and structural adhesive. View our installation instructions for handrail or footrail.

Available in Stainless Steel and Brass, The standard finish is bright polished but satin finish handrail tubing is available upon request. Choose between ball or flush style handrail or foot rail components.Select your flange, handrail bracket or footrail bracket style from our component pages.

Wagner can also provide pre-fabricated, custom bent railings per your specifications. You can view standard bend configurations on our custom bending page. Contact Wagner with your requirements.

Stainless Steel Ball Style Fitting Brass Ball Style Fitting Stainless Steel Flush Style Fitting Brass Ball Style Fitting Stainless Steel Bar and Footrails Brass Footrail
Stainless Steel Ball Style Fittings Brass Ball Style Fittings Stainless Steel Flush Style Fittings Brass Flush Style Fittings Stainless Steel Bar and Footrails Brass Bar and Foot Rails
Architectural Catalog Products
View our catalogs online including handrail pipe and tube elbows; flanges; handrail brackets; end caps; and handrail and railing systems. More . . .
Standard Products
Check our vast inventory of stock components for pipe and tube handrails, guardrails and railings -- handrail; handrail brackets, pipe and tube elbows, flanges, end caps and connectors; slip-on pipe railing fittings; spheres and hemispheres; disks and plates, tubing, bars and shapes, and ornamental metal components. More. . .

Handrail Brackets
Aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel brackets for wall and post mounting of handrails. All brackets will meet structural code requirements when properly installed. ADA compliant brackets are available.  More. . .

Pipe and Tube Connectors
Coped drive-on Connectors, Wedge-Lock® Welding Connectors, Splice-Locks®, Insert Sleeves and Couplings. Mechanical and weld connectors for aluminum, steel and stainless steel tube and pipe.  More. . .
Disks and Plates
Round disks and square and rectangular plates in steel, aluminum, brass, or stainless. May be purchased with our without holes. Special finishes and hole configurations are available upon request. More. . .
Spheres, Balls and Hemispheres
Full range of sizes in steel, aluminum, stainless and brass, these hollow balls and hemispheres have found a multitude of uses in applications as varied as casino ornamentation to monumental sculpture. More. . .
End Caps
Drive-on and Weld-on end caps for pipe and tube in aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel. More. . .
Post Caps
Square and Rectangular Post Caps for aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel tube. Cast and Stamped options are available. More. . .
Bike Racks
Standard and custom industrial strength bike racks in steel and stainless steel. More. . .
Custom Services Offered
Polishing, Bending and Fabrication. R & B Wagner, Inc., offers architects and designers dimensional accuracy in small bends and in large radius bending configurations. A wide variety of sizes and shapes can be rotary or roll bent by our experienced personnel. Metals that are worked include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Several finishes are available for custom bending. Galvanized, zinc-plated, anodized, polished and specialized finishes can be applied to meet your requirements. More . . .
Architectural Shapes
A full range of tubing, bars and shapes in aluminum, bronze, steel,  and stainless steel. More . . .
Glass Railing
Wagner Glass Railing featuring the new PanelGrip® Dry Mount System as well as components for a wet glaze glass railing. Designed for use with 1/2" and 3/4" tempered glass panels as structural balusters. More. .
Cable Railing
Ultra-Tec® Cable Railing System is the only cable rail system to feature Invisiware®. Invisiware™ hardware is hidden inside the end posts providing a clean look unmatched by any other cable railing connector. More. .
Lumenrail® LED Lighted Handrail
A system of mechanical connectors to insert high output LED light sticks in aluminum and stainless steel. Lumenrail® may be wall or post mounted for wet or dry locations. More. .
Spiral Stairways
Each spiral stair is custom built to your specifications and shipped knocked-down and ready for quick installation. Multiple spiral staircase design options are available. More. . .
Aluminum, Non-Welded Pipe Railing
Prefabricated, ready-to-install aluminum pipe railing. Especially designed to utilize all the advantages of aluminum. Available pre-finished. More. .
Aluminum, Heavy Duty Railing
Prefabricated, ready-to-install aluminum railing. Especially designed to utilize all the advantages of aluminum. Available pre-finished. More. . .
Interna-Rail Aluminum Pipe Railing Components
Aluminum, 1-1/2" pipe railing components for the assembly of non-welded railing. Meets all applicable codes when properly specified and installed. Full range of fittings for every railing need. More. . .
Components and assemblies for handrail and railing utilizing infills of Archimesh woven wire, glass panel, cable railing, 3Form Ecoresin panels. More. . .
Slip On Fittings for Pipe
Galvanized Malleable Iron Kee Klamp
fittings, or cast aluminum Speed Rail™ slip over pipe to allow the quick assembly of railings and pipe structures. Fittings are assembled with set screws and are completely reusable. More. . .
Aluminum, brass, bronze, steel and stainless steel pipe and tube elbows in a complete range of OD sizes, varying inside radii and angles. Special finishes and sizes are available upon request. More. . .
Aluminum, bronze, steel and stainless flanges in multiple styles, sizes and hole configurations. Most designs are available with or without set screws. Special finishes and hole configurations are available upon special request. More. . .

Brass and Stainless Steel Tube Handrail and Railings
Tube and railing components in brass and stainless steel for the assembly of handrails and railings. More. .

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